2022 Excellence in Range Management

Lani and Bill Petrie

Kapapala Ranch, Pahala Hawaii


Lani and Bill Petrie manage the 162-year-old Kapapala Ranch, a state-owned land on the island of Hawaii. With limited soil, limited water, and year-round growth they run a combination grass fed beef and goat operation on some of the most challenging rangelands flanked between two volcanos, one currently active. They steward the land for the nene, the recently declassified Hawaiian Goose and manage ongoing invasive species issues often using the goats.

She has partnered with the University of Hawaii, HI Department of Fish and Wildlife, USDA, and anyone who reaches out to her with a good idea or cause. She previously hosted the Cal-Pac SRM section for a ranch tour, that included a tour of the historic homestead and home cooked barbeque dinner. She regularly hosts youth education groups to help people understand the challenges and rewards of managing Hawaii rangeland.

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