College Resources

There are many colleges within the border of the Cal-Pac Section that offer either degrees and/or college courses in Rangeland Management. Check out the colleges below!

Colleges that offer Rangeland Management Degrees

California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt

Cal-Poly Humboldt’s program typically has about 50 students learning and discovering together, alongside other natural resources and sciences majors. Humboldt’s Rangeland Resource Science major is the only program in California that regularly offers courses to qualify for the federal job series 0454 “Rangeland Management Specialist.” Our RRS curriculum also fulfills educational requirements to become a California Certified Rangeland Management Specialist.

University of California, Berkeley

The Master of Science in Rangeland and Wildlife Management prepares you to pursue advanced study of rangelands and wildlife management. We emphasize professional and academic preparation for a career managing rangelands and stewarding rangeland resources (grasslands, woodlands, and shrublands). We work with you to develop a program of study that fits your goals and background.  We encourage our students to get practical field experience in rangeland and wildlife management and research by participating in an internship, or working directly with a faculty member on research.  Your major professor and the Rangeland and Wildlife Management Head Faculty Advisor  (HFA) will help you set this up.

Colleges that offer Rangeland Management Courses

Do you meet the Range Management Specialist (GS-0454) coursework requirements?

Use multiple tools developed by the Range Science Education Council to identify courses from several colleges and universities that meet the GS-454 requirements, to search for online distance-accessible coursework, and much more!