Certified Rangeland Manager

Certification as a “Certified Rangeland Manager” (CRM) constitutes recognition the applicant meets minimum educational, experience, and ethical standards adopted by CalPac-SRM. Licensing may be granted by the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection following certification by the CalPac-SRM, successful completion of a written exam, adherence to ethical requirements, and payment of state license renewal fees. The Board of Forestry has certified CalPac-SRM’s independent program as protecting the public interest in accordance with Public Resources Code 762 and 772 and 14 CCR 1650 and 1651, such that certification by CalPac-SRM qualifies an individual for a state CRM license without further examination but subject to the Board’s additional licensing fees. This program serves the unique needs for certification of professional rangeland managers in California.

Becoming a CRM in California

The CRM license is a specialty certificate under California’s Forest Practice Rules and has no transferability with other SRM certification programs. The CRM license is highly recommended for any rangeland management work, but is required for any rangeland management work (see above) on forested landscapes with at least 10% tree canopy in California. The CRM license is not required for federal lands such as national forests or when private landowners are managing their own private property.

What do I need to submit to apply for the CRM license?

1. Application

2. Transcripts

3. Three Letters of Reference*

*Including one from a licensed CRM

Send Completed Applications To:

California-Pacific Section, Society for Range Management, Panel on Certification
Executive Secretary, James Bartolome
Phone: (510) 541-7731
Email: jwbart@berkeley.edu

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