The California Section of the ASRM Founded


The California Section of the ASRM was founded in 1949 and chartered in January of 1950.  Our Section, one of 21 in North America, was the sixth to be initiated by the ASRM.  (Wyoming was the first, 1948.)


In June of 1949, Wayne W. Austin (Assistant State Conservationist, USDA/Soil Conservation Service) was asked by the ASRM to serve as the California Membership Chairman.  Fifteen California Area Chairmen were secured to help with the initial membership effort.  In December 1949, Dr. Harold H. Biswell was asked to call a meeting of California members to get a local section organized.   Dr. Biswell drew up a rough draft of a Section constitution and bylaws for a meeting held December 16 on the University of California campus in Berkeley attended by 28 members.



The first officers elected were: Waldo Wood (U.S. Forest Service, San Francisco), President; Wayne Austin (USDA/SCS, Berkeley), Vice President; Jay Bentley (U.S. Forest Service Research, Berkeley), Secretary-Treasurer; and Councilmen Harold Biswell (UC Berkeley), Merton Love (UC Davis), and Joseph Snyder (U.S. BLM, San Francisco).  A revised constitution and bylaws were adopted.