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W.R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award

After many years of effort by the California Section/Cal Pac Section of SRM, Nassella pulchra (formerly Stipa pulchra) was named California’s state grass.

State Rangeland Manager Certification Program

  On June 6, 1995, the California Board of Forestry approved procedures for implementing a State Rangeland Manager Certification Program effective July 1, 1995.  The Section began certifying rangeland managers and Dr. James Bartolome was CRM No. 1.

Professional Society Program

California Assembly Bill 1903 modified the PFLA to authorize individuals to seek Board of Forestry registration under a professional society’s program.

Appointing A Panel On Certification

  The State Attorney General rendered an opinion in 1990 that “forest” and “wildland” are synonyms, therefore, rangeland management was legally considered forestry, requiring supervision of an RPF. In response the California Section, Society for Range Management, appointed a Panel on Certification to develop certification criteria and procedures, and to certify rangeland managers. California Section …

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